Nhatt Nichols was born on top of a mountain in north-central Washington State. Raised by survivalist parents, she grew up with a the ability to watch and observe the world around her as a permanent outsider. 

She graduated from The Royal Drawing School in 2011, with the equivalent of an MA degree in drawing. After graduating to left London, ending a decade of living abroad to travel in her home country. After residencies in Brooklyn and Martha's Vineyard, she settled in Port Townsend, Washington where she is a member of Corvidae Press. 


My work stems from the idea that it is difficult to comprehend existing as an entity that is both body and mind, has both a past and has a finite amount of time to exist.

All of my drawings and prints are self-portraits that contain elements of both a physical self and an element of storytelling; they are a visual representation of my personal struggle to understand what it means to be a person and a vessel, not only for our organs, bones, and blood, but also for memories, stories, and dreams.

I'm constantly building on my portfolio and to delve more deeply into the idea of personal mythology and the theory that no one is more qualified than you are to be able to create your own stories.

My work is currently focusing on the link between the experience of being human to the idea of being a vessel through our relationship with water.