The self portraits started just after I finished my degree at The Royal Drawing School, but the truth was I had been looking for me for a long time before that. I was initially hooked by the physicality of drawing my own portrait over and over, but slowly I started to wonder what a person was. Then I had a molar pulled, and the hole that it left in my jaw allowed me to feel a part of my skull, my jaw, for the first time. It shook me to really be able to understand myself as both an inside and an outside, and I started drawing in the parts I knew were there but couldn't see, my bones and organs. This still didn't explain what really makes a person a person adequately and over time I've added in elements of memory, myth, and place. Not satisfied with telling a story in one image I moved over into telling stories through graphic novels, creating Grief is Weird to tell true stories of the strange ways that grief can affect a person. I'm fascinated with combining radical storytelling with while looking at mental health issues.

My work, both fine and sequential, says that I am a body, I am from somewhere, and no matter where I am, that place comes with me. I am a collection of bones, an outside visible skin, bad teeth, water, fables, Salal, river teeth, tall grass, memories, and lungs. And so are you, in your own way.

Nhatt Nichols grew up on top of a mountain in north-central Washington State. Raised by survivalist parents, she grew up with a the ability to watch and observe the world around her as a permanent outsider.

Nichols graduated from The Royal Drawing School in 2011 with an MFA equivalent degree in drawing. After graduating she left London, ending a decade of living abroad to travel in her home country. After living in Brooklyn and Martha's Vineyard, she settled in Port Townsend, Washington where she is a member of Corvidae Press and teaches at The Port Townsend School of the Arts.



Solo Shows

Autobiogeographic- Unsmoke Systems Artspace, Braddock, 2016

Girls and Bears- Variety Gallery, Brooklyn, 2014

Selected Group Shows

Into The Garden- Pathways Projects Institute, Martha’s Vineyard, 2015

One/1- Manhattan Graphic Center, NYC, 2014

Rootstein Hopkins Drawing Prize- London, 2013

Annual Juried Show- Manhattan Graphic Center, NYC, 2012

Prince’s Drawing School Artists- R.K. Burt Gallery, London2011

Drawn Together- 28 Red Church Street Gallery, London, 2008



Awards and Residencies

Race to Alaska Embedded Artist, 2018

 Rootstein Hopkins Drawing Prize, Third Prize, 2013

The Owl Barn Residency, Cirencester, UK, 2012